Manufacturer. Launched on the market in 1983, XJ900 had an 853cc, four stroke, 4 cylinder engine. The Yamaha Diversion has been used as a police motorcycle all over the world. The XJ600S is known as the Diversion in most parts of the world but as the Seca II in the North American and Australian markets. The 1994 XJ 900 S is super comfy for rider and pillion but the suspension’s fairly basic and the forks are a bit soft. It can serve as a daily method of transportation to work ... One of Yamaha's best selling bikes in the middleweight class, the XJ6 receives a new bodywork for the 2012-2013 season and retains all the winning features which have made so many customers choose this bike as their daily ride. KTM RC125. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of 45.00 HP (32.8 kW) at 10000 RPM and a maximum torque of 33.90 Nm (3.5 kgf-m or 25.0 ft.lbs) at 8000 RPM. The 2012 Yamaha XJ6 SP is a special edition of the classic XJ6 machine, boasting the same acclaimed and proven usability and retaining the undented all-rounder character. Yamaha XJ600 Diversion XJ600N 598cc. So steel proliferates over alloy, chunkiness over finery and straightforward, simple mechanicals over high tech. It is a sports/touring machine fitted with an 892cc, air-cooled 8-valve inline-four engine with 89 hp (66 kW) and 85 N⋅m (63 lbf⋅ft). The Yamaha XJ 1100 Maxim is the name for the North American market, and for the European market, it is called the Yamaha XS Eleven. The engine is a detuned Fazer engine and both versions are offered with optional ABS braking. On the dashboard (wider than that of the 600cc models) there are some extra gauges such as a fuel gauge. Yamaha built the big XJ 750 Seca around a sweetheart of an engine, an enlarged version of 1980’s cruiser surprise, the 650 Maxim. The XJ 550 was launched in 1981. [citation needed] The XJ900S/GT has a shaft drive while the 600cc models are chain driven. Annual … The new Yamaha XJ 600 Diversion is adequate and novice-friendly rather than in any way inspiring or exciting. The bike has the heart of a 598cc, air-cooled in line four engine which runs with 61HP. Yamaha lunched in 1981 one of the most technically advanced motorcycles of its time. It remained in production for quite a long time, probably due to its low price, modest fuel consumption, longevity and reliability. Lors de son apparition en 1992, la Diversion n’a pas séduit la presse avec une finition perfectible, un moteur très bon au quotidien mais sans grand caractère et un freinage dans la mauvaise moyenne. Triumph Daytona 675. 600cc Diversion models were manufactured from 1992 to 2004. © 2008-2020 SoftNews Net SRL.All rights reserved. full description and technical specifications. 900 S 900 cm3 9 cv . But as versatile, first-big-bike-type transport, the Divvy delivers the necessaries. 1998 yamaha diversion xj 600s years mot fully service & complete new exhausts £1,500.00 Yamaha Moped Neos YN50R 1998 Only 3.Miles Stored From Brand New Rare Classic. Select a Year Next. The suspension is rather basic and the brakes a little soft, but it steers sweetly and the ride is good for two. In the United States the bike appeared as the 1983 Seca XJ900RK. has the . The XJ900 is a descendant of the earlier XJ900 model. Then you might be looking for the Yamaha XJ6 Diversion F. With the F in the denomination standing for “faired”, this bike boasts the aggressive looks of supersport machines, if being a different bike altogether. [citation needed] The engine from the original XJ600 model was tuned towards improved low- and midrange power, sacrificing some peak power. The bike has a small top fairing although a lower fairing is available as an accessory. Even when it came it had an old chassis technology. The Yamaha XJ 900 launched in 1985. Top des marques. The XJ900S and the XJ900GT are both the same basic motorcycle except the GT, typically for touring motorcycles, has a large fairing and two Krauser K2 panniers while the XJ900S has a small top fairing like the XJ600S. Yamaha XJ600S Diversion (1998 / 4BRE) side view Frame number location….. 600 S 599 cm3 6 cv . The Yamaha XJ 900 S Diversion is a series of all-round touring motorcycles descended from Yamaha's earlier XJ series. The 1981 Yamaha XJ 400 model is a Naked bike bike manufactured by Yamaha. Manufacturers have used all of them over the year and each one has turned out to be a workable technology. Early Diversion models had a four-stroke air-cooled 8-valve inline-four engine. A proven 4-in l... Just a few months after the release of the XJ6 Diversion, Yamaha introduced the XJ6 Diversion F model. The Yamaha XJ 600N was built to endure rather than impress. Suzuki GSX 1400 K7 FE. Yamaha XJ6 Diversion F review (2010-on) Yamaha XJ900 Diversion review (1994-2004) Yamaha XJR1300 review (1998-2014) ... Year: 1998. As the Diversion/Seca II design is based on an earlier, well-matured model, changes made to the bike during these years were rather subtle, mostly concerning improvements in fairing: a second front-brake disc and small oil cooler appeared on the 1998 model along with improvements to the carburettors. List of Yamaha performance specs Welcome to the most complete Yamaha 0-60 & quarter mile times resource online offering a comprehensive index of Yamaha 0 to 60 motorcycle specs, including the Yamaha R1 Superbike, R6, Viking, Bolt, MT-10, WR250R, Super Tenere and many more! Since they all have their specific advantages it is hard to tell the best among them. The 750 version of the Seca was understressed and the narrowest engine in the 750 cc class upon its debut, thanks to the alternator and ignition being placed behind the cylinders. In 2009 Yamaha re-launched the Diversion line in the form of the XJ6 Diversion, XJ6 N and XJ6 Diversion F. The former has a half-fairing while the N version is a naked motorcycle. Have a Yamaha dealer charge the bat- Always keep battery • INTERNAL: Drink large quan- tery as soon as possible if it seems to charged. Latest items in Sports Bikes. This new version comes with a full fairing, hence the 'F' in its designation, that give the bike a more sports look, provide improved high speed stability, reduces air resistance and gives a better weather protection. Announced for 1980, two versions of the 650 were produced: the sporting Seca for the European market and the Maxim for the U.S. The Yamaha Diversion is a series of all-round touring motorcycles descended from Yamaha's earlier XJ series. Great for beginners thanks to its tamed and easy-to-understand nature, capable of rewarding experienced riders with a thrilling experience due to the sporty DNA, this machine has all the needed features for a successful future. Notre avis sur la Yamaha XJ6 Diversion. Suzuki GSXR600 SRAD. Virtually every feature on this attractive new 600 has been designed to ensure that the new XJ6 Diversion delivers all of the style, fun and ease of use that today’s middleweight rider is looking for. In 2009 Yamaha re-launched the Diversion line in the form of the XJ6 Diversion, XJ6 N and XJ6 Diversion F. The former has a half-fairing while the N version is a naked motorcycle. The Diversion favours an upright riding position more than most 600cc sport bikes, making it usable for commuting. This bike is very well maintained and is … The frame number information plate can normally be found on the right hand side, near the front on the frame. [2], The YBR125 Diversion was also available in France around 2005, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Middleweight Intermediate Sportbike Shootout + Video,, Articles needing additional references from October 2013, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2013, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Air-cooled, SOHC, 8-valves (2-valves/cyl), in-line four, 44.1 ft-lb / 51.6 Nm / 5.5 Kg-m @7500 RPM, This page was last edited on 20 August 2020, at 18:27. The final drive of Yamaha XJ 600 is chain. keep checking back for Yamaha motorcycles 0-60 mph updates, since we constantly upload new 0 to 60 mph and quarter mile statistics. 600 N 599 cm3 6 cv . Supercars vs Hypercars – What are Hypercars? Headlight fuse again, have a Yamaha dealer The fuse box is located under the seat. Great for beginners thanks to its tamed and easy-to … Early Diversion models had a four-stroke air-cooled 8-valve inline-four engine. After the competition, and for that matter with other Yamaha models released one model after the other with the new central cushion in the back makes Yamaha an "old" bike that will be praised. zekepliskin 's review of Yamaha, XJ6 Diversion ABS 600 ★★★★★ ... " Suzuki Bandit GSF600S 1998 " Read More. Yamaha values and pricing you're looking for from 1963 to 2021. The Maxim featured high bars, a stepped seat, a 17'' rear wheel and breathing modifications including Yamaha’s swirl-inducing YICS Yamaha Induction Control System intakes designed to pacify the EP. The Yamaha XJ 550 Seca was also well-equipped, with features you’d expect only on bigger, costlier bikes: self-canceling turn signals; a clutch/neutral electrical interlock that prevented the Seca being ridden away with the sidestand down by killing the engine if you shifted into first before lifting the stand. The XJ 600 Diversion was built to endure rather than impress. Yamaha Values. The XJ 650 Turbo, the flashiest of the group, was the simplest, with pressurized carburetors instead of the fuel injection and without the single shock rear suspension the others boasted. Trade Seller (130) Annonces Yamaha Xj Diversion; Cotes Yamaha; Publicité. This bike is an excellent starter bike. Powered by a 600 cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke inline 4-cylinder engine with all-new internals, this cool-looking middleweight delivers easy handling together with strong all-round performance. If the fuse immediately blows 4. Such models are built by Yamaha to the specifications of individual police departments. For this four-cylinder air-cooled machine, it was pulled out of the car. 5. Aller plus loin. The XJ600N is almost identical to the XJ600S except that it is a naked bike and the instrument panel is different, as it turns with the handlebars. Moderate power and excellent ergonomics. The fully faired FZ6R is the American equivalent to the European XJ6 Diversion F model with the exception of not having the ABS and electronic immobilizer. Copyright © 2020 Zeroto60times • All Rights Reserved, Most Annoying Cost-Cutting Features On Cheap Cars, Million Dollar Club: 20 Cars That Cost Over a Million Bucks, Muscle Car Spotlight: 1987 Buick Grand National GNX, 2020 Kia Telluride Review: Kia Goes Big with Telluride, 1999 Chevrolet S-10 NHRA Pro Stock Race Truck, 2018 Hennessey Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Demon HPE1000. The frame number is usually stamped onto the right side of the headstock (the front part of the frame just below the handle bars). Half naked, half faired, the 2012 XJ6 Diversion is a true best-seller in Yamaha's middleweight line-up. Police specification Diversions are commonly referred to as XJ900P (P for Police) although Yamaha refers to them by their usual model designation (XJ900S or XJ600S) as they do not constitute a separate model. It feels stable and can be fun on twisty roads but it feels heavy in to corn... You may call it XJ Diversion or Seca, it is the same bike. The new line has upgraded to a liquid-cooled 16 valve 4-stroke forward-inclined parallel 4-cylinder engine developing 78 horsepower (57 kW) / 59.7 Nm. The fully faired FZ6R is the American equivalent to the European XJ6 Diversion F model with the exception of not having the ABS and electronic immobilizer. Cote Yamaha XJ DIVERSION - 1998 3 versions pour ce véhicule Trier par : Affiner ma recherche. This model was not sold in North America. 1998 (R reg) | Roadster/Retro | 598cc | 60.2BHP | 22,320 miles | Manual | Petrol. The XJ 700 Maxim comes equipped with Four cylinder, air cooled, twin cam 700 cc engine. Yamaha has kept the engine displacement at 600cc for the new Diversion line. There are currently three ways to drive power from a motorcycle engine to its rear wheel chain, belt and shaft drive. The variant for North America has a 20 liter (5.3 gallons) tank compared to the Europeana version that has a larger tank of 24 liters (6.3 gallons), lower handlebars and longer drain pipes. In this version sold from year 1981, the dry weight is 176.0 kg (388.0 pounds) and it is equiped with a Four cylinder boxer, four-stroke motor.

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