$1.57M, 87 min 1. Masterfully directed by Sean Penn, this film narrates the true story of Christopher McCandless, who, having graduated from Emory University, decides not to pursue a successful and profitable career and turns down his family’s wealth.He donates everything he has to charity and then goes out into nature and does the best he can to survive. David Brinkley, Directors: This four-minute film does a brilliant job of explaining the plastic lifecycle, from plastic production, consumption and disposal. Sue Aikens, To add your films to the channel, do the following: Go to YOUR video page and under the video frame you´ll see the icon ¨+ ADD TO¨. Documentary. It will also introduce you to some of the most inspiring people of our time, like Jane Goodall. A collection of expertly photographed scenes of human life and religion. Director: Pippa Ehrlich, Director: Joe Rogan, Critics Consensus: Blue Planet II‘s hypnotic beauty is complemented by intense ethical musing, contrasting the micro and the macro in a humbling exploration of humanity’s relationship with the ground it stands on. 11,548 Calvin Crabill, Not Rated Documentary. Dilly Barlow, John Chester | Steven Barker, 229 min Stars: With ... See full summary », Brothers in Blood: The Lions of Sabi Sand. Commitment: 1 hour 40 minutes (plus 30 extra minutes if you want to watch Virunga: Gorillas in Peril, too). From a visually stunning film showcasing incredible underwater life to an eye-opening look at the illegal ivory trade, these are the flicks that we think everyone should watch this Sunday night. Documentary, Director: | As one would expect, Aguirre is betrayed by the few remaining men. Morgan Freeman, Copyright ©  2018 Fandango. Films for the Earth: sharing knowledge and raising awareness with the most inspirational films about sustainability. Director: Where to watch it: Amazon, FandangoNow, iTunes, Vudu. 10 Fantastic Short Films That Are Only A Minute Long. Molly Chester, Super short films … Luke Allen-Gale, Derek DelGaudio, | Gross: Jim Carrey, Votes: Animation specialist Sylvain Chomet began work on this short film in 1991, finishing it circa 1996. Click it. The Best Microfilms 2 days ago. | We’ve put together a list of some of the best planet-centric and environmentally conscious documentaries to watch on Earth Day. Director: Director: Werner Herzog, | 90 min Jennifer Baichwal, Documentary. Peter Drost, 107 Views 1 Likes. Neal Cantin, Stars: ShortsTV, The Short Movie Channel will award prizes totaling $2,500 to the short films chosen in this year’s Best of Latin America Short Film Festival. What it is: After directing Chasing Ice in 2012, Jeff Orlowski turned his focus from the arctic to the ocean with Chasing Coral in 2017. | Gross: Alastair Fothergill, A collection of expertly photographed phenomena with no conventional plot. ), to the vast oceans of Blue Planet and the chilly reality of Chasing Ice, this list taps into a number of fascinating ecosystems. | John Chester, 53,799 Director: Man vs. Nature/Animal movies. Movies. $4.59M, TV-G What was there ... See full summary », Stars: 89 min | Since the documentary’s release just a few years ago, the park has been temporarily closed to the public due to an increase in violence. | Nicole Apelian, Short Films. Water and ice are shown around the world, in all of their many powerful forms. Its success paved the way for critically acclaimed feature films such as Bellville Rendezvous and The Illusionist. $10.76M, G La Maison en Petits Cubes (2008) The House of Small Cubes is a 2008 Japanese animated short subject film created by Kunio Katō, with music by Kenji Kondo and produced by Robot Communications. In Encounters at the End of the World, Herzog serves as both narrator and guide on a trip to Antarctica, and the result is a thoughtful (if at times absurd) study of the environment and human nature. Documentary series exploring various global wildlife issues and subjects. 298 min Scott Allen They are an excellent tool to inspire essay writing. Emmy Award-winning, 11 episodes, five years in the making, the most expensive nature documentary series ever commissioned by the BBC, and the first to be filmed in high definition. | Director: 360 min | | | | | Balinese Tari Legong Dancers, James Franzo, TV-PG David Attenborough, | Matthew Pilachowski, Votes: 1. | Michio Kaku, Star: David Entz, G John Mitani, India Allen, Documentary. 30 best nature documentaries of all time #1. ', Director: | Bruce Hamilton, My Octopus Teacher (2020) TV-G | 85 min | Documentary 8.2 Rate this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 8.2 / 10 X 76 Metascore A... 2. 80 min Documentary following sharks and shark attacks. Luc Jacquet 17,320 Play. Star: Stars: Al Gore, 35,787 This is a powerful documentary, filmed over a 16 year span, about the rise of a Coalition of six lions, branded The Mapogo Lions, and their takeover of the largest territory by a pride. The Rider (2017) R | 104 min | Drama,... 4. 33,742 | Adrift (I) (2018) PG-13 | 96 min | Action, Adventure, Biography 6. Jason Hildebrandt, | The 150 best Animated short films by seanfurie | created - 28 Jul 2016 | updated - 17 Jan 2020 | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc Colin Riach. | Zoe, 8) Disneynature’s Oceans — Though a bit more subtle than some of the other films on this list, Oceans still makes an impact. | Wild by Nature Short Film Festival Terms and Conditions. A documentary on insect life in meadows and ponds. It feels like all content these days are getting shorter and shorter. Films for the Earth is an educational initiative, awarded by the UNESCO, that creates settings, in which important films are shown to inspire people to develop aims and visions for a more sustainable society. What it is: Like Our Planet, but released a decade earlier and by the BBC, Planet Earth charts the Earth’s ecosystems episodically. Documentary, Like all life forms, humanity partially adapts to types of natural environment, yet also tends to change them. There’s a DVD, and you can stream it on-line. | The original won two Emmys for its cinematography and music composition. | Documentary, Drama. | Dan Rather, Votes: Stars: | | Shae Marks, Not Rated The sceneries in this film is absolutely wonderful. | Zoe goes down to the beach for her first outdoor nude photo-shoot. | What it is: Virunga is titled after Virunga National Park in the Congo — “one of the most biologically diverse areas on the planet,” according to the park’s website, and home to an endangered group of mountain gorillas. This Netflix documentary not only aims to capture the wildlife in the national park, but also the dedication of teams aiming to protect it and the militia that target it. Max Hughes, 84 min 3. From harrowing investigative films like The Ivory Game and intimate series like Planet Earth (I and II! Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. 106 min Documentary, For more than 20 years anthropologists have been researching the social behavior of a chimpanzee clan in Uganda's Kibale National Park. | This Oscar-nominated short film of 2017 is one of the few documentary short films that delivers a message of hope and redemption. An investigation into the long-obscured mystery of dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a molecule found in nearly every living organism and considered the most potent psychedelic on Earth. Morgan Freeman, Charles Berling, | 30 min 30 min Star: Director: British documentary series that covers a variety of subjects in science and philosophy. | Critics Consensus: Virunga offers a heart-rending glimpse of natural wonders vulnerable to the atrocities of greed — and the people devoting their lives to defending them. The black tailed godwit! Stars: $0.19M, Unrated Documentary. 102 min Director: 54 min | | Pat Benatar, | This film shows the disaster of the Kuwaitian oil fields in flames, with few interviews and no explanatory narration. What it is: If you’re short on time this Earth Day, or on any other binge day, but still want to marvel at the planet’s beauty, look no further than this short but marvelously compelling documentary. In 1997 it won the grand prize at the Annecy Animated Film Festival. Jacques Perrin, Votes: Jacques Gamblin, G This beautiful documentary short film was screened at natural museums and IMAX 3D theaters before landing on … Director: James Aldred, 290 min Since its release, some of the poachers seen in the film have been apprehended and  sentenced to years in prison. Every year, Filminute challenges filmmakers all over the world to tell a story in 60 seconds. It won four Emmys the year it was released: non-fiction series, cinematography, sound editing, and music. Documentary. Amy Dickman, Stars: $4.37M, R Stars: The world’s biggest slug! Howard Hall Directors: Dave Salmoni, 60 min 30 Most Popular Movies Right Now: Top Films Everyone’s Watching, Weekend Box Office Results: Godzilla vs. Kong‘s $48.5 Million Five-Day Haul Is a Rock-‘Em Sock-‘Em Sign Of Hope, SAG Awards 2021 Winners: Chadwick Boseman, Viola Davis, Anya Taylor-Joy Take Home Top Honors, Elizabeth Perkins’ 5 Things To Know About The Moodys Season 2, Watch Broadway Shows Online: 20 Live Musicals and Plays to Stream Now. The everyday struggles of living in the secluded state of Alaska where one wrong decision could cost you your life. This is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, no matter how bad a day you’ve had. | Gross: Documentary. | Follow the shocking, yet humorous, journey of an aspiring environmentalist, as he daringly seeks to find the real solution to the most pressing environmental issues and true path to sustainability. We found the best nature documentaries on Netflix that will, without a doubt, make you worldlier. Documentary. | Documentary. 2009, Nature In the arid and inhospitable California desert stands a bristlecone pine tree with the mythical name of Methuselah. Stars: Documentary, A revolutionary group of activists, scientists, farmers, and politicians band together in a global movement of "Regenerative Agriculture" that could balance our climate, replenish our vast water supplies, and feed the world, Directors: Paul Vaughan, Claude Nuridsany, Nicholas de Pencier Lydia Marie Hicks, Director: Roger Horrocks, Stars: Jonathan Hughes, Woody Harrelson, At nearly 5,000 years of age, it had long been thought to be the oldest living organism on our planet. Created by Cinematográfica Plus 13 years ago. | | Winner of WWF Short Film Contest. 2. With Earth Day upon us and the kids stuck at home and away from school, we figured it would be a good time to rundown the very best nature documentaries on Disney+. Werner Herzog Only the Brave (2017) PG-13 | 134 min | Action, Biography, Drama 7. Stars: | My Africa – David Allen (2018) | Conservation International – (360 film) March 4, 2021 at 1:25 pm / Human Nature, Natural history, Video, Wildlife Documentaries. Ron Fricke David Entz The films from Disneynature are great introductions to nature documentaries if you have kids who aren’t used to the genre. Jungle (I) (2017) R | 115 min | Action, Adventure, Biography 6. Judas Collar. | 5,785 | Directors: Flight of the Butterflies follows the yearlong migration cycle of monarch butterflies from Mexico through the U.S. to Canada and back. This short film is the story of a restaurateur looking to open the best French restaurant in America. Heather Cooley, TV-MA Where to watch it: Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Commitment: ~6 hours (7 episodes, around 50 minutes each — plus an additional 6.5 hours if you want to watch the original series). Huw Cordey, TV-14 Michel Debats In the Antarctic, every March since the beginning of time, the quest begins to find the perfect mate and start a family. Watch the most innovative stories—Documentary, Comedy, Sci-fi, Horror, Experimental, Animation, Inspiration, Student films, Award winners & more short films | L'école buissonnière (2017) Viewed over 5.2 million times on YouTube, The Story of Stuff is one of the most popular environmental short films of all time. 19 best short natural nail designs – gold Source by fashionvictim70 The post 19 best nail design nature short films – page 13 of 19 – nagel-design-bilder.de appeared first on nails. Documentary. David Watts, 54 min 16. Ron Fricke Stacker lists the 30 best nature documentaries, including single-season miniseries, as determined by IMDb’s 2019 user poll. Stars: Chris Morgan, | Gross: Votes: | Best Fantasy Films Streaming on HBO Max, Hulu, and Amazon Prime ... against the very worst of nature, ... as he quickly dines on a hyena that has already made short work of a … Her films Saving Face (2012), about acid attacks in Pakistan, and A Girl in the River (2015), which tackled the subject of honour killings, both won Oscars for best short subject documentary. | Documentarian John Chester and his wife Molly work to develop a sustainable farm on 200 acres outside of Los Angeles. Stars: 44 min Documentary, Music. My daughter created a tiny nature reserve in our garden to save the wildlife in the grass from the lawn mower. This unique feature documentary is his witness statement. Jami Ferrell, Samira Wiley, Frank Oz David Attenborough takes us on an awe-inspiring journey through one of the most diverse places in the world. Planet Earth II (2016) TV-G | 298 min | Documentary 9.5 Rate this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9.5 / 10 X Wildlife... 3. The Academy Award for Documentary Feature is an award for documentary films.In 1941, the first awards for feature-length documentaries were bestowed as Special Awards to Kukan and Target for Tonight. 5. | 85 min Daniel Huertas | Best of Natural History Radio. Dana Jester, 10 Movies That Will Make You Fall in Love With Nature March of the Penguins (2005) Into The Wild (2007) An Inconvenient Truth (2006) Koyaanisqatsi (1982) Wild (2014) A Good Year (2006) Scott Rowland, Sigourney Weaver, Barbara Edwards, Share your recommendations in the comments. The Story Of A Sign. An exploration into our planetary past and a search for humanity's place in the future. “I am the great traitor. Stars: The BBC’s most expensive nature project, this remarkable 11-part series transported audiences... #3. Documentary. There must be no other.” says Aguirre when realizing that all is lost. All manner of creatures eat, hunt and mate, but a decade later they do so in Ultra-HD, which... #2. | Desmond, PG | Natural horror films have been a popular subgenre in horror, dating all the way back to the 1920s with the first movie adaptation of Herman Melville’s MobyDick. | Documentary, Biography. Carefully picked scenes of nature and civilization are viewed at high speed using time-lapse cinematography in an effort to demonstrate the history of various regions. Close-up Culture's James Prestridge picks out his favourite 30 short films of 2018 (based on IMDb dates). | Carlos Frenk, TV-PG 3. Short Nature Films Signature Collection Sleep Films Video Bundles ... "Best of Nature Relaxation: 2020" 10 Hour Film Compilation + Music 4K ... "Above the Tulip Fields" Holland 2-Hour Aerial Nature Film + Piano Music 4K "Flying Over Central America" 15 MIN Aerial Nature Film in 4K (+Locations) The moonlit dramas of animals at night, revealing new insights and never before seen behaviors. Tom Foster, TV-G A team of divers, photographers and scientists set out on a thrilling ocean adventure to discover why and to reveal the underwater mystery to the world. Documentary, Family. Stars: Making a short film can be your ticket into creating a name for yourself in Hollywood. | Gross: Keith Scholey André Bauma, What she found really amazed … The the short film “My Africa” is directed by David Allen and narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o. This film became a strong contender for the Oscars, having won the Audience Award for Best Short Film at the Hamptons International Film Festival. An exploration of technologically developing nations and the effect the transition to Western-style modernization has had on them. Where to watch it: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, Commitment: 5 hours (6 episodes, around 50 minutes each). | Stefan Pashov, James Reed Simon Yates, The 15 Best Nature Documentaries to Transport You Off the Couch What a great time to learn a ton without leaving your living room. Ralph Abraham, 43 min Puti Sri Candra Dewi, Alicia Vikander, 60 min 1. This time around, the series also explores city-dwelling animals — and they’re probably not the species you’d expect to see thriving in urban environments. You´ll see the options to add your video to all your channels and groups. Critics Consensus: Chasing Coral offers a breathtakingly beautiful look at some of the Earth’s most incredible natural wonders while delivering a sobering warning about their uncertain future. Each episode is practically a feature-length documentary in its own right. 33,902 Matthew Holtzclaw, TV-PG Jim Fowler, Putu Dinda Pratika, Votes: The top three films will receive a screening in Los Angeles, CA for seven days and gain *Academy Award Qualification status. Dorothy Williamson, All the natural world is here, courtesy of the world-famous BBC Natural History Unit’s collection of its best content to produce a podcast full of surprising and … Cate Blanchett, Wild by Nature screens films made by entrants living in Victoria, Australia, only. In this half-hour program, artist Bob Ross paints on canvas a beautiful oil painting. Stars: Pixar short films are a great way to target essential literary elements and techniques from characterization to theme to conflict to symbolism. Stars: It’s a Plastic World. What it is: Another legendary voice in the documentary genre alongside Attenborough is German director Werner Herzog. | Top 15 Best Natural Disaster Movies Posted on Thursday, May 28th, 2015 by Ethan Anderton This weekend, Dwayne Johnson faces his most deadly big-screen foe yet. Jules Sitruk, Votes: The best short films of all time were hard to find in days past. | Gross: Host Marlin Perkins explores various animals in their natural habitats. Director: F. Murray Abraham, | ... Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys Women's History Month STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival … 90 min Watch the most innovative stories—Documentary, Comedy, Sci-fi, Horror, Experimental, Animation, Inspiration, Student films, Award winners & more short films | Stars: | Documentary. Patrick Disanto, Votes: | What it is: This unforgettable documentary feature rattled the world when it was released in 2013. | The West Runton mammoth! Documentary, Music. A call to action for activists and governments alike, The Ivory Game sheds light on and condemns the international ivory trade to prevent the imminent and violent extinction of elephants. The Light. Pope John Paul II, Emmanuel de Merode, Although the scenery is absolutely wonderful, … A filmmaker forges an unusual friendship with an octopus living in a South African kelp forest, learning as the animal shares the mysteries of her world. Director: 59 min 364 min A team of brave individuals risk their lives to protect the last mountain gorillas. Short Film (49) TV Movie (10) TV Series (5) TV Mini-Series (4) ... Best Film Winner 3D Society's 2011 Best 3D Documentary Award Winner Blu-ray 3D. Joe Slattery, What it is: This Netflix series showcases the vast ecosystems of Earth, visiting 50 countries in the process. The footage focuses on nature, humanity and the relationship between them. Kip Andersen, Alessandra Mastronardi, What it is: This critically acclaimed National Geographic doc drew from more than 100 hours of previously never-before-seen footage to give viewers an intimate portrait of one of the most famous and beloved conservationists of our time, Jane Goodall. $0.94M, 93 min Critics Consensus: Planet Earth II offers a spectacular, moving, unprecedented account of the natural world. 30) Fitting - Emily Avila A tenderly told story about two strangers (played by Deborah Leiser-Moore and Clementine Anderson) who find support and strength in the intimate setting of a dressing room. Planet Earth is essentially the go-to for nature series. Commitment: ~6 hours (8 episodes, around 50 minutes each). David Attenborough, Stars: 99 min Stars: 3. Jerry Brown, Copies of every winning film (along with copies of most nominees) are held by the Academy Film Archive. Jacques Perrin, Director: Quite simply, one of the best and most unique short films ever made. Jeff Orlowski 90 min | Each in a heroic struggle against rivals and... See full summary », 30 min 67 min Film-maker Werner Herzog travels to the McMurdo Station in Antarctica, looking to capture the continent's beauty and investigate the characters living there. Stars: | | Simon Blakeney, Stars: Critics called the film “startling,” “powerful,” and “a troubling exposé of Sea World’s hazardous entertainment trade.” It was powerful enough for the amusement park to make several changes. | Orlando von Einsiedel 100 min Documentary. Read More: Best 90s Movies on Netflix. Perhaps no voice is more recognizable in the nature documentary genre than that of British natural historian David Attenborough, who narrates the BBC version of this documentary series (if you watch the Discovery Channel version, you’ll hear none other than Sigourney Weaver guiding you through each hour-long episode). This is my first nature filming. This film is arguably Werner Herzog’s best work and Klaus Kinski’s best performance. | Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week. Craig Foster, Jacques Perrin, Stars: Critics Consensus: A cornucopia of visual wonder and environmental advocacy, Our Planet’s breathtaking cinematography explores more of this beautiful, blue marble while presenting an urgent call to action to its inhabitants. Documentary, Short. An underwater look at the diverse coastal regions of Southern Australia, New Guinea and the Indo-Pacific areas and the impact of global warming on the oceans. | Chip Hailstone, TV-G Aspect Ratio: Blu-ray™: 1080p High Definition Widescreen (1.78:1); DVD: Widescreen 1.78:1 - Enhanced for 16x9 Televisions Werner Herzog Critics Consensus: Jane honors its subject’s legacy with an absorbing, beautifully filmed, and overall enlightening look at her decades of invaluable work. George Page, Werner Herzog, PG They’re 1/120th the length of the average feature film, and yet many of them deliver the same emotional punch, the same sense of wonder, the same movie magic as their much longer counterparts. Directors: | Like this? Documentary, Family. Critics Consensus: Planet Earth weaves innovative camera techniques and patient observation to deliver viewers an astounding glimpse of the world’s perils and wonders, capturing jaw-dropping scenery and animals on both an epic and intimate scale. Carol Dexter, Votes: Keegan Kuhn Short movies are a form of art that permits the artist to communicate many things in a short amount of time, using dialogue, music, images and sounds. Johnny Carson, Votes: Tweet Share Post Bookmark. | Mitch Schultz

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