Check it out yourself, if you wish. Of course, no climate scientist really wants to know as that might put an end to the massive flow of money. In the MEI data (Multivariate ENSO Index), the 1997/98 El Nino was a lot stronger than the 2015/16 edition. Nothing. It’s been that number for the last 8 years, [Wayback Machine archived this page in June 2012]. ”, “Weather doesnt need forcings (whatever they are).”. “And the plant makes sugars and other hydrocarbons from CO2.”, What if higher CO2 concentrations are actually good for plant growth? The most obvious way for warming to be caused naturally is for small, natural fluctuations in the circulation patterns of the atmosphere and ocean to result in a 1% or 2% decrease in global cloud cover. 0.39 C warmer than the average for 1979-2019: Don’t fear too much for the Madrilenes, they experienced some colder winters in the recent past: SP000003195 1938 1 7 -9.2 Without reinforcement these waters will cool (aka eliminate the warming effects). If CO2 was trapping heat, you wouldn’t hover around 0.00. It matters because atmospheric temperature does not constrain CO2 in the same way it does for H2O. Interestingly both years started with a January of 1.17 C anomaly. All the other natural forces are constant. Thanks Gordon. Perverting and denying reality makes one an idiot. Roy Spencers Prediction I just took a look, and saw that the NH figure was corrected from +.12 to +.22. Then, the insults and mis-representations begin. But you are missing the next step up! Surely it must be a source of only yellow light by your statement. Average temperature anomaly for the 6 years up to Dec 2020 minus the average temperature anomaly for the next 2 years. The work includes water vapour, convective overturning in the atmosphere and the atmospheric lapse rate, as well as other atmospheric processes, not just radiative transfer equations. CO2 increase has accelerated since then. To get an idea of how far out I was, we have to ‘adjust’ the data to match the new baseline for UAH (1991-2020). How can CO2 cause the variability seen in the temperature? Measuring it is merely a proof that not all IR gets radiated to outer space. I hope I live long enough to see a reversal of the Arctic sea ice extent. The repeated experiment by Pratt, an apt name, which found fault with the experiment of Wood was later repeated by Nahle in a most meticulous manner. For some reason, NASA “adjusts” a desert station for both H2O and the Urban Heat Island effect which clearly aren’t present. The Version 6.0 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for December, 2020 was +0.27 deg. A comparison of UV solar activity in the three most recent solar cycles (SC) 22-24 shows very faint solar flares in the 25th cycle. I fully understand their confusion at the time as to how heat was transferred through the air. The W/M^2 concentration of CO2 is constant at any instance at any location. They were amended after the host was alerted to an error. The land area is a little under the USA so it is a good place to evaluate long running T in rural areas without adjustments unless BOM can clearly state the reason for such adjustments. Barry Here we attempt to determine the minimum vertical resolution necessary for accurate prediction of water vapour.”, He demonstrated that a box with air in it using a cover that will allow trapped IR to escape will reach the same temperature as one with air and a glass cover that traps IR at terrestrial temperatures. ”. There has been a lot of experimenting. forecasting ENSO is not accurate. 3) Solid Container that can be warmed to and maintain room temperature 18C But you would have to read it to know that…. The difference between flux EMITTED and flux RECEIVED must include details of the geometry — the distances between the surfaces and the orientations of the surfaces. People with no education and knowledge on the subject are the first to give you the forecast. 2015-16 has at the most an ONI-value of 2,6 He had no proof, only opinions. As long as the anomalies stay the same relative to each other, then the trend will always be the same. I also agree to receive email newsletters, account updates, notifications and communications from other profiles, sent by More radiation is reaching the ocean. Note that the sea level rise predictions come from Hoffman et al. What is interesting is why they don’t correlate: With 10,000 stations recording twice a day the annual sample size is 10,000*365*2 = 7,300,000. Create an account or log into Facebook. Wood btw has never been a far IR, let alone a CO2 specialist. Here is one you can do yourself. Funny how they have CO2, and insignificant trace gas, but not H2O. He says that CO2 at 350 ppm is a safe value. 2020: 10.16 Norman had a 75% chance of getting it right, if he merely guessed. Whatever strange agenda spurs you to waste bandwidth here is no doubt the cause of your late awakening to what my putlook actually is. You have your own made up version that is not supported at all by any experiment or evidence. So what you’ve just done here is what I first encountered, and was the first step towards my understanding of how arrogant and ignorant AGW skeptics are. So a steady half-foot per century?? The atmosphere warms as O3 is added to the atmosphere. is the nr. You can refer to as many studies, opinions, and models you want, but testing these nonsensical theories that you’ve been promoting has failed miserably. Exactly. Once equilibrium is established, the temperature of the water can be read from the thermometer scale. The global and regional monthly anomalies for the various atmospheric layers we monitor should be available in the next few days at the following locations: Lower Troposphere: Stratosphere: 2) H20 can be 0.00 ppm to 4 Parts per 100. “In the same way, neither the atmosphere, nor any of its components can raise the temperature of anything warmer, unless magic is involved.”. Or, we could see changes in the PDO and AMO that would return the overall state of the oceans back to when it was cooler. First indications are that cycle 25 is possibly going to be stronger than cycke 24 and even 23. That is a natural gradient and it should alter the temperature is CO2 does cause warming. Nope There are not 115,084 weather stations reporting temperatures. Interesting time period, but what does it tell us? “The physics they use contradicts the 2nd law of thermodynamics in that it permits a transfer of heat, by its own means, from a cooler atmosphere to a warmer surface that warmed the atmosphere. Do you really believe all of this nonsense, or only parts of it? But I am more certain that the idea of increasing CO2 content leading to a runaway positive feedback that increases water vapor, thus more greenhouse trapping heat till we turn into Venus (per the late Dr. Hawking) is just simply off the chart nuts! Coal mining is mainly hurting due to low oil/gas prices. Głównym mechanizmem działania jest ujemny pionowy gradient temperatur od dołu do góry atmosfery, którym rządzą tam adiabatyczna wymiana konwekcyjna (tj. All you have to do is read any of the IPCC reports – or even just look at the indices and check out the relevant sections – to know that natural variability is well-studied. I’d guess it will take until the NH summer to go negative. This is of great importance at night as it slows down heat loss from the surface. Not less. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. On that he was right. At least you know how to type…. When Bindidope went to skool he was still taught the Sun was a giant lump of burning coal . Why did you choose ENSO 1.2 instead of 3.4 to draw your conclusion? angech, you are making the same mistake as is made in the AGW nonsense. The authors actually provide a range of 2022 to 2033 using linear extrapolation say that 2033 is probably the better fit to the data. = caused by Obama, or Biden, 2019 Barry, what part of “I would expect the anomalies to return to early 21st century averages.” did you fail to understand? At -80C the 14-16 um band emits 2.2 W/m^2 per sr while at 0C it emits 9.6 W/m^2 per sr. Again…even though the peak frequency has shifted the warmer body still carriers more energy in the select band. The cosine weighting for your latitude (60N I guess) is 0.5, and 50 % cloudy sky added gives 0.25. Start a new thread elsewhere. I might change it to the vernacular, and call him an ijit, something that does not translate easily in Google translator. G. Wood explaining himself in 1.5 sheet of paper what he all did wrong, ending with In fact, I did not spend much time on examining the stuff or so;”. It is hard to appreciate the bigger picture of how this can cause a permanent increase in the amount of energy in the system. Have never used any other name. If you understood your chart, IT MAKED MY POINT!!! But I do kindly ask that you go into more details regarding your TLT minus TLS hypothesis above if you don’t mind. This added energy moves through the thermometer’s mercury (or whatever politically-correct fluid is being used) raising the average kinetic energy of the thermometer. Its creation removes the UV. Then explains his version of increasing warming by quoting fairy dust as the cause i.e. It seems barry lacks the time for an answer. CO2 does not warm or cool, it reduces the amount of energy escaping to space. You can’t tax the sun, so you have to blame CO2. JD, if X molecules of CO2 emit P photons to space, then 2X molecules of CO2 emit 2P photons to space. The Maunder Minimum came and went and so will any future minima, but as long as we are burning fossil fuels and emitting greenhouse gases, climate change is here to stay. A useful analogy is a tank of water with a tap at the top and a tap at the bottom. Clint, I just directly refuted the exact words you said. It was not till 1913 that Bohr formulated the relationship between the electron and EM, while forming the basis of quantum theory, that anything was known about radiation. The way to follow this is by looking at the oceans. Note that this paper is quantifying surface CO2 concentrations; not the full column. Eben, that is true. Maybe my internal thermostat is a bit out of whack but damp air in the winter always gets to me. An infrared lamp emits much higher energy than the 15μ photon contains. The warmer water floats, and promptly radiates its heat away at night. *. ” May I congratulate you both on the success of your thought experiment. ”. The effect is less pronounced in the Antarctic Winter because it’s altitude and the Southern Ocean allow less southward heat transfer. As to your light bulb. I’m doing the opposite of ignoring your modeling. By the way, do you advocate ethnic cleansing through eugenics, or is your pseudonym just random choice? And I could go on and on and on and on. Do the math on the amount of time that might take. “Blue objects are blue precisely because they absorb other colors and reflect/transmit blue.”. Apparently trolls don’t know the meaning of the word “also.”. Show me 1 single controlled experiment where additional energy from 15µ LWIR will warm water. Cold + Hot = warm “Barry, what part of “I would expect the anomalies to return to early 21st century averages.” did you fail to understand?”. What you need are IR transparent containers. In the stratosphere, where the pressure is similar to that of Mars, only EM radiation works. Daryl Hannah, protesting the Keystone Pipeline project. Yes, if a warm surface could absorb a “colder” photon, then the surface temperature would drop. I have never seen any evidence that CO2 changes cause ENSO variations. BTW, the Climategate Emails prove Dr Thompson knows it is sublimation, not warming that is causing the shrinking of the glacier. In a critique of the paper, engineer Jeffrey Glassman pointed out that the equation given by Schmidt for positive feedback would not produce positive feedback. Read the paper if you want want to see egregious examples of fluxious nonsense.Nature obviously publishes anything they are paid to publish. I have a capacitor in my electric circuit, ask Gordon if it traps electrons and stores them for use later. This is your fundamental misunderstanding of the physics here. Huber 2014 My memory is pretty good. Now wrap it in some insulation and see what happens. This is a feature I dont share with Nick.”., “Over time sea level has varied between 120m below present level and 60m above it.”. 720p. Other differentials: Dating Profile, Is online dating easier for single female expats in Germany than for their male counterparts? That is how a real scientist who understands modeling would approach this issue. This is the question I just sent the Physics Department.

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