There is no refund and the purchase site is NOT clear as to their charge... only after you click "purchase" of the $55. Not only that but they expect you to accept the new date of the new venue / concert. THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN FOR SCAMMING PEOPLE. We basically have over $1000 in 3 tickets that are useless to us as we’ve had no luck selling them and now I can’t even talk to anyone in customer service because they say my information doesn’t match!!!!!! They do not respond or even accept emails, so you can’t prove you sent them a letter, and their website prevents you doing anything they don’t want like exercising your legal right to back out of a transaction within 14 days cooling off period. PGA announce no spectators weeks ago and they won’t refund anyone’s money. I paid 4 times more than what they are selling for now. After i bought my tickets i then bought flights and hotel for the event. They would not refund our money since it was being rescheduled EVEN though they advertised and sold the tickets AFTER they knew the event had been cancelled. I could have bought the tickets on the day of the concert for half as much as I had originally paid for them. Thank you viagogo I had a wonderful time at the game!! This company is a leech. Best purchasing your tickets from ticketek.I bought a ticket from viagogo this week for Metallica in birmingham. They had one pair for the same cost, that were general admission and no seating. Very frustrating and now I’m afraid I will be out the event, as well as the money. don’t know how this company has not been shut down still waiting for answers!!! At the same time, my sister purchased her ticket through ticketfly for literally HALF of what I paid. You'll be sorry. My tickets worked fine and got to see her in third row. Something that should never happen to websites that buy and sell tickets. Almost a year later I tried to buy tickets to laneway festival in brisbane, only for them to take my payment but not give me the ticket and refuse a refund. After placing the order, it was cancelled! So Amway Center must cancelled the concert to be honest with us and Viagogo will have to pay us back!These people are thieves. Unlike the membership card, the season ticket is transferable, meaning the holder can allow a third party to use it or opt to loan it to the club so that another, non-season-ticket holding member has the chance to see a game. 3). 2) Lots of messages saying, Last 1% of tickets left, only 10 tickets left, all in the hope you panick and buy and pay the huge price, when in fact there are lost of tickets left on the only officila site at half the price. I received my tickets 24 hours prior to the event after purchasing them 4 months prior. The prices of the seats we originally bought went sky high. It was an eticket to download and had someone elses name on so now it cannot be used so £140 wasted. I had to purchase some more tickets from somewhere else where we could go to the concert! If an event has been postponed, we will contact buyers and sellers with more information about the next steps. Oh and their fees are insane, $200 in fees for this scam site!Terrible experience, spent days online trying to track tickets I purchased only to find out they were in someone else’s name with same seats as mine, plus charged way more than normal prices..All tickets for event were sold out by the time I could cancel and get more tickets from another source.Utterly disgraceful . Mind-you, the tickets were still not available on the day of the concert Oct 08!!! comsumer protection agency . i can't as i don't have a french address. Well…I’m still not getting a refund. Very Mad and upset at myself! Illegal They refuse to honor the 14 day cooling off period if you change your mind. BEWARE OF THIS JAKE! Viagogo is a legit website where you can purchase tickets to all your favorite performing artists, sports events or theater shows in your area, or you if you can’t make the show and don’t want to eat the ticket price, then you will be able to sell your ticket here as well. The way the website is built makes just people inattentive to details. Never again. ), with a ship date that is a moving target, is inexcusable and intentionally misleading. DON’T BUY ANYTHING through this place unless you want to be SCAMMED out of your MONEY!!!! My concert was canceled due to COVID, and rescheduled to September. It is not clear how they are able to do it since the reimbursement from the event organizer is usually on the credit card of the first buyer, but perhaps they apply a cash back to the seller in case this occurs. Viagogo ! Their customer service is null and I will be reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau of NY. is this easy to do?We have bought tickets to j cole in auckland on 1/12/2017 through viagogo. We are sorry we couldn’t help any further in this case. Corrupt fraudulent horrible people. Refusing to even recognize the event is cancelled. The catch is, they have Viagogo Guarantee, so they can get your money promising for the tickets they might not have at all! I consider myself scammed. My friend who was smart and bought his tickets from TICKETMASTER had his money automatically returned to him in 7 days. We spend a lot of money to go to Florida, USA.Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews.Tickets for Concerts, Sport, Theatre at viagogo, an online ticket marketplace. Ended up working it out after awhile and got in!Your review recommended to be at least 140 characters long :).Disclosure: we may earn money from affiliate links below, but we want what’s best for the customer, so money does not impact our opinions in these reviews.At this time, with so many negative Viagogo reviews from customers (over 288 complaints in the last 12 months).Online ticket brokers open up this possibility to buy and sell tickets to events around the world, and one of the largest ticket resale platforms allowing this is is a global ticket exchange, allowing individuals, or “professional ticket brokers,” to sell tickets on their platform.The tickets listed on Viagogo are never in possession of the team at Viagogo.StubHub, one of the largest ticket exchanges with events in over 50 countries,Viagogo is supposed to “provide a legit, safe and secure platform for the sellers and buyers.”.Recent Viagogo reviews below will show the inside stories of past customers with this company.It can be difficult to get through to Viagogo phone support or to understand when speaking to an agent at times.There are quite a number of Viagogo reviews and stated they didn’t get much help when contacting Viagogo customer service support from the company.Yes, Viagogo allows individuals to sell tickets on their ticket exchange platform.You will also, need to create an account at.Many negative Viagogo reviews were about high-priced tickets.Other customers said they didn’t like Viagogo’s high 31.69% plus service fee charges that are hidden until the checkout.Some complaints found on Viagogo and their customer support experience.One thing noticed, Viagogo has corporate services offering companies and professionals:Different Viagogo reviews show that many people like that they offer premium tickets to events in over 50 countries around the world.Some customers stated they were actually able to get tickets priced lower than face value (can work if you’re willing till the last minute to buy).The reviews regarding Viagogo ticket prices are mixed, but there’s a bit of complaints of tickets being over face value, which is to be expected with a resale site (supply and demand).Some say that they offer inexpensive tickets, while others say Viagogo tickets are overpriced, or way above face value.A positive is Viagogo does offer good seats, which might not be available anymore via the box office venue.There are also a few Viagogo reviewers that like the seating charts that are available for viewing before choosing which tickets to buy.Through the 3D seating charts, customers can determine the type of view that they will be getting from their seats.After reading plenty of Viagogo reviews, we are on the fence and not sure if Viagogo is the most reliable ticket source available in Europe.We have tested and got positive feedback overall from other,get 10% off ScoreBig w/ coupon code (welcome10) on your first order,When comparing Viagogo vs StubHub you’ll see they are both ticket resale sites, but some might ask what’s the real difference, and.StubHub seems to have a larger selection of tickets to choose from to events in over 50 countries.Viagogo has tickets to events around the world too, but Viagogo seems to have more negative feedback and reviews recently.Viagogo’s service fee is about 31.69% while StubHub’s service fee charges are about 26.5% average.Share your Viaogogo review below (or click here).Viagogo says you can get a refund is if your event is canceled.if you need help selling your tickets, is to select your event.VIP and hospitality tickets to certain events,Viagogo customers that were turned away from the venue at Ed Sheeran concert in the UK,It’s the official resale marketplace for the NBA, NHL, NFL, and WNBA.Click here to share your Viagogo review below. I tried calling today to see if I could possibly transfer our tickets to a venue closer to us on the East Coast. They would not give me a refund. Downloaded the tickets through my email aswell as printed them out on paper. I wanted to cancel an erroneous purchase 10 minutes after the transaction and they would not cancel the order.Viagogo is a rip-off. I never got my tickets. que creen?? who can i ring ?Sitejabber’s sole mission is to increase online transparency for consumers and businesses,Sitejabber has helped over 100M consumers make better purchasing decisions online,Suspicious reviews are flagged by our algorithms, moderators, and community members. 1-Estafa —tickets el doble del costo del evento siendo comprados el mismo dias horas antes. I have asked for a cash refund without deductions or additions. I placed my first order on 28th February, paid WAY more than just the tickets (the tickets were 130 euro each, I paid a total of 720 euro for 4 tickets). We booked for a specific date.I’ve searched their website but I cant write them. Arnaque ou pas ? All in all we were satisfied.Ordered tickets for Super Bowl. I had paid £80 each. I purchased my tickets in February of 2020 and I haven't received my money back still.These guys are complete crooks. !I bought two tickets for Metallica at the Chase Center for Sept 6 about a half year prior for $800 each. i can't go to the concert and just want to get part of my money back. very worried that we won't get the tickets or they are not legitimate tickets . Being a citizen of the United States, there was no reasonable way to contest this legally and therefore I incurred a loss of more than $1500. I could have had other options but not any more. Then the day the tickets should arrive, they say – sorry, we don’t have any tickets. BEWARE. Total piece of S**T of a website!!! Once you purchase with viagogo you are covered by our guarantee: is it a scam?Hi, was considering purchasing tickets for a concert in japan osaka. I used this and got a refund after months of emailing.First of all I purchased tickets to see Roger Walters. DO NOT BUY TICKETS HERE!Intent was to purchase Harlem globetrotters tickets as a gift for my nephew-I got redirected to the viagogo site without being aware. I haven't heard back from them for 2 weeks so I called today and their response was it will take a couple of months to confirm it is cancelled and then a couple more months for a refund! it is now 3 months later and we still don't have a refund of our money. About an hour or two AFTER the concert began, we supposedly received the viagogo tix in my email. In the end I went to the legitimate website in Russia, purchased really good tickets direct with the venue for £75 each right at the front, I had to sell my dodgy viagogo tickets on to some poor other sole for £45 each meaning I made a huge loss. When I arrived to the event the tickets would not scan.

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