In 2014, for example, he started Akon Lighting Africa, a charity project in partnership with the World Bank and governments to provide solar-powered electricity for 600 million Africans. The highly positive results observed since the project started show that a local presence and practical solutions is key to resolving the continent’s energy issues. Akon has always been one person who likes to stay ahead of the curve, whether it's breaking artists like Lady Gaga and T-Pain or his business ventures like the Akon Lighting Africa … Akon Lighting Africa’s roadmap fully reflects its founding members’ vision for Africa : to deliver concrete results to those in need. The Son of Africa came back home. New Music Out Now! He is doing in lot of business across many countries on the African continent. Official Website for AKON- Artist, Producer and Philanthropist. His solar energy company, Akon Lighting Africa, provides electricity to rural villages in 14 countries. The prestigious was bestowed upon the Konvict Music visionary as a direct result of his Akon Lighting Africa initiative but the crowning moment was ultimately cut from the live broadcast. "AIN'T NO PEACE" AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE For him the inspiration was deeply personal: he found his grandmother was still using candles in Senegal to light her home. Akon rose to R&B fame after his 2004 debut album, but has increasingly focused on development projects in Africa in recent years. Note: Lighting Africa has contributed towards these results through its market development activities implemented in collaboration with various intermediaries across the supply chain, development partners and financial institutions; most importantly, in conjunction with manufacturers of solar lighting products and their distribution partners in Africa. To meet these challenges, Akon Lighting Africa seeks to provide a concrete response at grass roots level to Africa’s energy crisis and lay the foundations for future development. By the end of this year, Akon Lighting Africa estimates that it will provide electricity to roughly 80 million impoverished Africans in rural areas with its solar energy program. In 2014, he started Akon Lighting Africa, which backs solar energy projects in rural area. 2,737,000 Off-grid lighting products that passed Lighting Global quality standards sold in Africa 273,700 Tons of GHG emission avoided; CO 2–equivalent to taking close to 35,000 cars off the road 279 Percentage growth in the sales of Lighting Africa quality-assured products in FY13 over FY12