Surprisingly, it hardly barks, and prefers to express its opinions and intent through grunting, moaning and mumbling sounds. He went in & let her in daily. .hide-if-no-js { The dog kept a daily vigil at the train station for nine years in the hopes that its master would eventually return. Akita Inu . Like other dog breeds, an Akita can also suffer from cancer of lymph nodes or bone. Let it participate in all family activities and remain in everyone’s company for as long as possible. This is usually a big sign of distress. > Nous recherchons chien Akita inu en sachant que certains sont m?me > retrouvés dans des refuges de la spa. Les yeux sont relativement petits, de forme presque triangulaire, tout comme les oreilles, épaisses, légèrement arrondies en pointe et inclinées vers l’avant, alignées sur l’inclinaison du cou. Fait partie des "anciennes lignées", donc avant 1995 environ. ‘Complicated’ is the word that best describes an Akita’s temperament and personality. Instead, the film features only eight dogs: two Alaskan Malamutes and six Siberian Huskies. Her always-coiled Spitz Type Tail went DOWN. The Akita Inu is also known as Akita-ken, Japanese Akita, and Great Japanese dog. About 11-15 years. Avoid choosing an Akita if you are a first-time dog owner. Top des noms donnés aux chiens et chiots : trouvez des idées de nom pour votre animal ! The Akitas are among the oldest of Japan’s native dogs and the breed has remained unchanged for centuries. Prepare yourself for the onslaught, as you’ll likely vacuum your home tirelessly to get rid of the incessant fuzz. Our Akita was with 2 other large dogs we had-a male & a female. However, when Katasuke Tōno learned of Chamaru's condition, he got in contact with Akita and made a prosthetic limb for the ninken. Dad was no longer there to answer it. That she might trip him etc. They will guard and protect your child with the same fervor as they would in your case. She is also an old acquaintance of the Seventh Hokage's family. Others link the Akita to the Japanese Spitz – another Japanese dog breed – because of physical similarities between the two. Caring for an Akita entails keeping it engaged. She instantly knew to “yip” to go outside. After 1night of them together? Caractéristiques de l'Akita Inu . My Dad moved into our in-law apt. La queue est attachée haut, grosse et pleine. The Akita was bred as a fighting dog in medieval times, and redeveloped in the 1800’s as part of an effort to restore several ancient Japanese breeds. For physical exercise, a daily walk/jog for 30 minutes is sufficient for an Akita. The condition causes the cells of the retina to deteriorate in phases and no therapy in the world can stop this onslaught. La tête a un front large et un stop prononcé. Find Akitas for Sale in Long Island on Oodle Classifieds. Robe Rouge fauve, sésame, bringé (bleu, roux, sable, argent ou dans de rares cas, bringé noir) ou blanc. Treat it with love and respect and train it well, and you will have gained one of the most affectionate and faithful companions. As long as you have the confidence to handle an Akita, this dog breed could prove to be the best for you. Le poil de couverture est droit, dur à raide et légèrement écarté. He told us how he knew that + the fact a litter can have more than 1Father. The Long Coat Akita Long coated Akitas, or Woolies, are thought to be a throwback to a dog called the Karafuto, which was introduced into Akita bloodlines many years ago by Japanese breeders. Because of their strong predatory instincts, the Akita soon found itself aiding the police and guarding premises. Also maintain a high-nutrient diet that enables them to grow without gaining unwanted pounds. Having acquired one, you must train it yourself to be able to earn the canine’s respect. An Akita is very vocal as long as there are family members around. The Akita has a striking appearance with its robust physique, firm muscles and large head. Les oreilles sont bien érigées et petites par rapport au reste de la tête. Litter Size. The breed spiked in popularity upon the release of the 1983 film, Nankyoku Monogatari, about Taro and Jiro. Particularités physiques. An Akita’s fur is not just dense, but is also prone to shedding. – … These dogs have often been compared to the Japanese Spitz as well, at least in terms of physical features. Karafuto-ken breaks down as “Karafuto,” the Japanese name for Sakhalin, and “ken,” a Japanese word for dog; hence this provides the breed’s geographical origin. So do not make the mistake of entrusting training to someone else, as you will have lost your Akita’s faith. Caractéristiques de l'Akita Inu . On your part, you can respect this instinctive nature by not keeping any other pets. For an Akita, nothing is more sacred than the bond between the master and the dog. They do not like being disturbed during meals, and any attempt at snatching their toys and/or food could trigger an aggressive attack. • Marques sur fond blanc. Ancien chien d’arret danois . These dogs originated in the mountains of Northern Japan, in the Akita prefecture. Barbet . These are a few points to consider when examining this breed’s temperament: Usually a pet dog loves being around children and an Akita is no exception. Most Ainu relocated to Hokkaidō when Japanese were displaced from the island in 1949. This strong dog comes from the Northern Spitz breed. Not that the grooming needs to be particularly detailed, but there are basic grooming necessary for these dogs. Of course such unwavering dedication deserves appreciation. Failure to do so can lead to destructive behavior. You need to be firm with an Akita and establish yourself as the leader. Taille 58 à 64 cm pour les femelles et 66 à 71 cm pour les mâles . Donc s'il n'y a pas d'intérêt à faire confirmer la chienne, ce qui a dû être … L'Akita Inu mue deux fois par an, au printemps et à l'automne : il faut alors brosser le chien quotidiennement. Son poil : assez court et dur, la densité du sous-poil l'isole parfaitement tandis que le poil de couverture, bien fourni au garrot et à la croupe, le protège du mauvais temps. If this happens, the best thing you can do is to ensure that the environment remains unchanged. The long coat Akita is slightly bigger boned than normal, more eager to please, and has a very kind and loving disposition, making them the ideal family pet. So do your research and judge whether you are up for it in every way before bringing one home. Espérance moyenne de vie 10 à 12 ans. The full, curled tail is proportionate with the large head. While the long coat Akita is not recognized by the AKC or accepted for show, they are unique, quite rare, and admired by everyone who sees them. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. I was privileged to have once rescued a pup who looked very much like an Akita. Nous devons nous en séparer car nous avons augmenté notre temps de travail et nous ne sommes pas souvent à … Les origines de la race remonteraient à plus de 3000 ans, avec l’Akita Matagi utilisé pour la chasse à l’ours notamment. Parallel to it, the American Akita came into existence thousands of miles away and soon carved its own distinct identity. If you find your Akita dragging around a distended belly, salivating too much, feeling restless or feeling weak, suspect bloating and seek medical help. To prevent this problem, do not allow your Akita pup to run, jump or jog on hard surfaces. mailys1444 04/04/2011, 21h59 Bonsoir, Au risque de paraitre idiote, pouvez-vous m'éclairer sur "akita à poils longs"? The advantage is that they love to be groomed and will often preen you back. In this condition, the stomach expands and then twists around itself. pour osk900 : en ce qui concerne le poil long dans le cou, l'akita inu n' a pas le poil plus long au niveau du cou. She was indeed in “HER” home. – Queue courte. If it suffers from shock due to his heart being deprived of blood supply, it can potentially die if not immediately attended to. This site is owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC. All the basics like brushing their teeth and coat are still needed. L'Akita Inua l’aspect d’un Spitz asiatique de grande taille, de forte constitution, bien proportionné, avec une ossature robuste. On one hand, Hachiko’s devotion to its master earned the breed worldwide recognition and stature of being a national treasure in Japan in 1931. – Chiens craintifs. On the bright side, they’re very affectionate and friendly towards their family. An Akita maintains calmness only to assess the situation and weigh its options. Being only slightly longer than he is tall, the Akita's appearance is well balanced. By grabbing your wrist, an Akita does not intend any harm, but is trying to lead you on to something. The male Akita stands between 26 and 28 inches and weighs about 110 pounds (50 kilograms). Another aspect of an Akita that you should be careful about pertains to its health. So unless the dog has been trained by its owner to socialize, you probably want to maintain a safe distance. Other than this, give your Akita the freedom to romp around the backyard and watch it relish its natural elements. God sent Dad the perfect companion. I asked Dad if he wanted to keep her? Start grooming your Akita by maintaining its thick short double-coat. He was having problems sleeping. This breed's claim to fame came from the ill-fated 1958 Japanese research expedition to Antarctica, which made an emergency evacuation and was forced to leave behind 15 sled dogs. Curly Coated Retriever . Poil Poil … The Akita is a large, powerful dog with a decidedly sturdy appearance. Corps assez long aussi (surtout chez les femelles) bonne assature, poil dense, très serré et dru. We named her “Elly Mae” & her brother “Jed”. 3 - 12 puppies, average 7 or 8. They’re extremely cautious around strangers, making them great guard dogs. The ideal diet for an Akita Inu should comprise of food choices that emphasize quality rather than quantity. The Akita (also known as “Akita Inu” or “Japanese Akita”) is the largest and best known Japanese breed. She’s MY buddy & sleeps on the floor beside my bed or my recliner.” We get along JUST fine! Talk about loyalty. A l'époque, c'étaient les "gueules noires" ( sous-entendu les américains) qui étaient dénigrés par les puristes en expo. This would ensure that while your Akita has the energy to remain active throughout the day, it would not pack on extra pounds. Though she’d never been housetrained? He was in his 80’s & had Alzheimers. She never fully got over Dad passing. ... Colley à poil long . Phone: 661-KAIJUSO (661-524-5876) Email: Chiens perdus, trouvés, à adopter de race Berger de Brie, Chien d'arrêt allemand à poil long, Akita Inu (11 Résultats): toutes les annonces de chiens perdus, trouvés, à adopter de race berger de brie, chien d'arrêt allemand à poil long, akita inu près de chez vous sur An Akita does not like being teased and regards this as an insult to its dignity and pride. The breed … 1day she too had passed quietly & quickly. Members of this dog breed can easily get bored, which may result in destructive behavior. An Akita’s obsession with cleanliness is often likened to a cat. Dad went to an Adult Day Care weekdays. But if you observe these tips over a period of time, your beloved Akita will be primed for a well-being through many long years. Their ancestor is the Matagi dog, which is the dog accompanying the traditional winter hunter of Northern Japan – the Matagi.