Varanus pilbarensis From the Northern Pilbara region of Western Australia Recently split into 2 species - unsure which species is pictured above, but suspect it is (Varanus pilbarensis) SOUTHERN PILBARA ROCK MONITOR Varanus hamersleyensis Restricted to the Hamersley Range of Western Australia etc? these are – mostly – unrelated to the majority of stock within EU and North America. Lovely adult specimen. Occasionally our animals are advertised for sale on the more frequented online reptile classified services. 10-15x CBB20 Varanus gilleni / Pygmy Mulga- $680CAD each or $630 each for 3+ (Shipping included) Some Strophurus available from the UK from one of the best higher end breeders. Trade possible for 1.X Egernia stokesii zellingi or Badia or Rare egernia sp. We have several captive bred Ackie monitors for sale at excellent pricing. For Sale FNQ Reptiles October 10, 2018. Lace monitor (Varanus varius) Mangrove monitors (Varanus indicus) Mertens water monitors (Varanus mertensi) Nile monitor (Varanus niloticus) Peach throat monitor (Varanus jobiensis) Pilbara rock monitor (Varanus pilbarensis) Pygmy mulga monitor (Varanus gilleni) Quince monitor (Varanus melinus) Roughneck monitor (Varanus rudicollis) / 1.0 varanus pilbarensis CB19 animals with papers (CITES) Bad Category Bad Translation $2,000.00. $400.00. cheers in advance. varanus scalaris Varanus S.Pewellensis The red blotched tree monitor. Varanus acanthurus. We have a good collection of dwarf monitors, including Kimberly Rock monitors V.glauerti, Pilbara Rock monitors V.pilbarensis, Kings monitors including Leucistic V.kingorum, Red Ackies V.a.acanthurus, Yellow Ackies V.a.brachyrus and Black Headed monitors V.t.tristis. For prices please send a pm. For Sale. enclosure size? For Sale nathan_hooper October 2, 2018. This item has been sold. Pilbara Rock Monitor (Varanus p i l b a r e n s i s) The pilbara rock monitor inhabits the arid coastal and interior areas in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. 2.1 Strophurus ciliaris. heating, lighting? They are avid breeders, fast growers, generally very tame, and acrobatic during feeding time … Lace monitor. SOLD. If you get on our waiting lists, please be aware that it may take some time to get your animals to you. Will freight via Qantas Freight for an additional $75. Varanus pilbarensis, Pilbara Rock Monitors at AAR. Looking for a male Varanus gouldii flavirufus. Varanus pilbarensis. ... Varanus pilbarensis Varanus gilleni Varanus primordius Varanus kingorum brown and leucistic... 1,1 Varanus primordius CB 2017. These lizards are perhaps one of the most entertaining reptiles on the planet. Dwarf Monitors Varanus/Odatria. Varanus pilbarensis Photo Gallery. temparement? The Pilbara Rock Monitor – Varanus pilbarensis. Zobacz więcej. ideal enclosure set up? 1885 total views, 1 today. I have a young lace monitor for sale feeding well on pink rats and roo mince. is their care any different to normal Varanus S.kuranda/varanus scalaris? Varanus pilbarensis.